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Thirty-five years ago, Mill Publishing Inc. was founded in Burlington, Vermont to publish a glossy magazine titled Business Digest of Greater Burlington. The magazine focused like a laser on the owners, managers, and professionals in Greater Burlington. The magazine grew, and in 1999 became Business People - Vermont, expanding it’s reach to the entire state. Twenty years later, businesses that were our backbone as advertisers and neighbors are being bought up and absorbed into a national and global marketplace, and they aren’t advertising locally. So, Mill Publishing is evolving and migrating to a broader demographic and different medium.

The mission of Working People is to provide for working people what the Wall Street Journal provides for investors or what AARP publications do for retired people. We will be building an e-book titled Hire Education, exploring all the ways people can prepare themselves for work.

Work, by the way, as defined by us, includes all the tasks people perform in life. There is art and science in every task, from selling Girl Scout cookies to launching a career.

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Working People


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