How Much Happiness Does Your Commute Cost you?

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The average American worker commutes just under a half an hour to and from work each day. Not only can a lengthy commute cost precious time from your friends and family it can also throw a wrench in what may have been a good day.

Accidents and construction that cause delays, aggressive drivers and traffic in general can go awry quite quickly and often do. It’s estimated that a “bad commute” can negatively impact quality rest and relaxation that off work hours should provide.

The weight of even worrying that a commute will be challenging adds to the unrest.

One solution is to move closer to your place of employment. Another suggestion is to join a car pool. This can ease lots of the stress that is many times magnified by simple loneliness.

Of course, many of today’s workforce avoids rush hour altogether by working from home. But that is whole other subject really.

However long your commute, engaging in audio books, podcasts or enjoying music can help stave off the stress of heavy traffic or an extended trip.

Modern day fixes you may not have considered:

  • Live stream your drive and build an online following

  • Dictate that novel you have been meaning to write

  • Post a "Honk if you love or hate" a simple statement

  • Practice singing or Learn to Yodel

Maybe try "Honk if you hate traffic”, a common lament from commuters should garner a lot of Honks!

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