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Do you want to live longer?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Celebrating 93 Years...we should all be so lucky!

As my retirement nest egg remains stagnant, I figure I’ll have to live a long time so that I can keep on earning if I ever want to retire. Each year the average cost of living goes up and the number of years my modest savings is likely to support goes down. It’s two steps forward one step back.

For many working people, our rights have been whittled away and the promised pensions are pilfered and falter. We may take even longer to start considering that we negatively impact our life expectancy if we don’t make better choices. This is especially true when new research is undertaken and soon science facts start weighing on us.

Countless studies are quoted to us from Doctors to do-gooders, that if we want to live a long life we need to exercise, sleep right and eat vegetables.

Now what if I told that even if you succeed at a living a healthy lifestyle your couch-laying-TV-watching excess may rob you of the very benefit gained by all that raw Broccoli and Cardio.

According to this Telegraph UK article limiting TV time can add more than a year to your overall life expectancy.

On average US adults spend 4 to 5 hours per day watching television. To me that seems like a lot, but then I calculated and just yesterday, a workday even, I was able to squeeze in over 3 hours in front of the Boob-Tube.

So, does that mean I am already benefiting from the longevity accrued from shaving off about a 3rd of the average working person in America’s viewing activity? (Or in this case non-activity) Because if this is true, I may just skip the Spinach tonight and watch an extra episode of VEEP.

If you are a glutton for punishment you can read here about why American Life Expectancy on average has been declining since 2015.

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